From Turning Wrenches to Changing Lives – The Foundation of Natural Therapy Wellness Center

Jon Petersen
Our founder, Jon Petersen, is not one to seek out the spotlight, but we convinced him to sit down and tell the story of how Natural Therapy Wellness Center came to be…today we want to share that story with you…

I was an automotive mechanic for many years and managed an auto repair shop.  I enjoyed the work and took a lot of satisfaction in being able to help people. My goal was to take the mystery out of auto repair for my customers so they better understood car care.  But, as many who do similar work know, the work really took a toll on my body.  At first it was typical aches and pains and I could manage it okay and get along.  But after a while, the pain just got to be too much…in fact, my back was so bad there came a time when I couldn’t even stand up straight.

My wife offered to get me a gift certificate for a massage for my birthday, but I asked her to save her money.  I was not about to have her pay someone “to rub oil on my back”.  However, one day, my back was so bad I could barely get out of bed.  Desperate for some relief I finally decided to try massage.  I called a wonderful local massage therapist and she got me in right away. And you know what?  I found the relief I so badly needed.  I kept going, every week at first, and before I knew it, I could stand up straight again.  I was convinced about the beneficial effects of massage therapy.  

The next step

I was so convinced that I enrolled in massage therapy school and went from patient to practitioner….and the rest, as they say, is history.  After becoming a licensed massage therapist, I started working with a local chiropractor and later a hospital cancer center.  Eventually, I joined forces with a coworker and opened Natural Therapy Wellness Center.  I am proud to say that the business quickly grew.  I went from helping people take care of their cars to taking care of their bodies.  From relieving pain in sore backs to helping women going through chemo to getting a runner up & going pain free each day brings me different opportunities to improve the lives of those around me.  I also get to work with some of the best massage therapists in the business who share my desire to help the people of McHenry County. I couldn’t possibly be any happier with our business.