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A wonderfully relaxing specialty massage using smooth, heated basalt stones. Hot stone massage is a special massage technique where the massage therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands. The heat is both deeply comforting and can help to warm up tight muscles to allow the therapist can work deeper and more efficiently. The heated stones are used to massage the body and may also be placed on various points to encourage deeper relaxation of the muscles. A hot stone massage provides all of the benefits of Swedish massage with the added benefit of the relaxing heat which releases tensions, warms the body and soothes away stress.

The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system. Hot stone massage is well suited for people who tend to feel chilly or who have cold feet. It’s also suited for people who have muscle tension but prefer a lighter massage. Many people find the warmth of the hot stones to be comforting and get it for relaxation.

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90 Minutes of Pure Bliss

For the ultimate relaxation experience, we offer a ninety minute hot stone treatment. You are started with an application of warmed massage oil applied to your skin and surrounded by heated stones. You are massaged with hot stones while the oil is slowly pulling the tension away from your body. After you are completely massaged, the oil is rubbed off with a soft towel which leaves your skin soft, smooth, and relaxed. A Hot Stone Massage is truly a total relaxation experience.


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