Reflections of 2017 and Looking Forward to the Future


There is something about the ending of one year and the beginning of another that begs people to “wax poetic”. Even I am susceptible to the New Year’s romantic charms. So, I beg your indulgence as I take a moment to reflect on 2017.

Over the last 12 months Natural Therapy Wellness has experienced the ebb and flow of life that we all experience. We said good-bye to Bethany as she pursued her own business adventure and experienced the bittersweetness that comes with celebrating her success and but missing her just the same (especially her dancing at the copy machine). We welcomed Felicia in the NTW family and have seen her grow into her role perfectly. Lastly, we have introduced a new service, Thai Yoga Massage to help our clients improve flexibility and release the tension and stress from their bodies.

As I look back at all we have done, I am struck by how fortunate I am to have such wonderful people working with me every day. All of our therapists are amazing at what they do and are dedicated to helping their clients. Additionally, each one adds to the team in their own special way. Mandy, you are my right-hand person and I appreciate the unique perspective you bring to the business (and for laughing at my lame jokes). You have been with me since the beginning and I am grateful for your tireless efforts. If Mandy is my right-hand person, then I suspect that Taylor is my left-hand person. Taylor, your business savviness keeps our office running smoothly and I am so thankful for your enthusiasm and genuineness. Mattie, thank you for being a calming presence for everyone at NTW. Your ability to take everything in stride is appreciated. Yvette, your spirit and innovation has helped NTW grow. Thank you for pursuing new ideas and always looking for ways we can grow as a team. Liz, your love of life and inherent cheerfulness is infectious. Thank you for the joy you bring every day to the team and our clients. I am so glad we reconnected after a few years apart.

Bonnie, you are always a joy to be around. You bring a special perspective and professionalism to our office with your enthusiasm (especially with your new grandbabies). You have taught me so much about the effects of acupuncture. Carroll, for years you have keep me “on my toes” with your inquisitive mind and I appreciate the many random conversations that we enjoy between sessions. You have made reflexology a welcomed addition to our office.

Every team needs support and I am always amazed at the professionalism and enthusiasm that our support staff has for the team and our clients. Cayla, your passion for helping people and getting the job done right is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your hard work and focus on keeping things running smoothly. Skyla, your jovial spirit keeps us all in high spirits and is appreciated by the team and clients alike. Felicia your combination of kindness and efficiency is noticed by clients and the team. Thank you you all for your hard work and dedication to NTW.

Looking back on past years, I cannot help but feel gratitude for all of the people who have made Natural Therapy Wellness the successful business it is. Thank you to my staff and therapists. Thank you to our loyal clients without whom we would not be here. Thank you the business community in McHenry and all of the people who have supported us over the years. Looking back there is so much to be thankful for. Looking forward, there is much to be excited about.

Happy New Year!